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Retrieving hidden treasures

Archives and libraries contain treasures just waiting to be retrieved. Or would anyone have thought that a French secret service report from 1942 also concealed a travel guide to Berlin?

Blatt & Bild Archive Research provides competent support with research into documents and photographic material about historical topics to historians, journalists, curators and anyone else with an interest.

Are you looking for records on a member of the Wehrmacht for your family history?  We offer you expert guidance and evaluation of the Military Service Records held by the former “Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)”, since January 2019 Personal Information Department of the Federal Archives Berlin.

Has your museum’s collection grown faster than your resources for managing it? Then we can help you to develop classifications and thesauri.

Have you found letters from a family member written in old-fashioned blackletter or Gothic script and would like to know what they say? We can transcribe them into modern German script for you.

Corinna von List - Blatt & Bild Archiv-Recherchen
© Corinna von List



Matthias Gemählich: Frankreich und der Nürnberger Prozess gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher 1945/46, Berlin 2018

With his PhD thesis, Matthias Gemählich succeeds in presenting an extremely differentiated presentation of France's role during the Nuremberg main war crimes trial, a pioneering work. Read more
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