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We find what you need.
What we do
Blatt & Bild offers a research service for academics, journalists, film makers or anyone with an interest in the two world wars.

We specialise in the interwar period, French Resistance and the German occupation of Europe, with a particular focus on the role women played during the Second World War.
What we can do for you
If you find the German archiving system at Bundesarchiv, Hauptstaatsarchiv or Landesarchiv an impenetrable thicket, we are your Ariadne's thread and can unearth the information you need.

Or if you want information about individual German soldiers, we can access and help you evaluate documents from the Department of Personnel Information, at the Federal Archives in Berlin - formerly known as the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt).
Our experienced teams are dedicated to finding obscure, hidden treasures.

We are happy to search for whatever you need. We conduct extensive searches, through an array of files, that may not be obvious sources and think outside the box, to find buried information.

We will always verify our results and cite all our sources.

We also have specialists who transcribe documents and letters from the old German handwriting, so whatever you need, please use the contact button and ask us.
With detective instinct we sift through archives, libraries, film databases and picture agencies to find what you have been looking for.

We offer you a personal and confidential service, based on your requirements.

All enquiries are treated on an individual basis and with upmost confidentiality.

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